A denturist is the only professional licensed “specifically” to make dentures. They are specially trained in all phases of dentures and partials.  Their education far exceeds the minimum requirements established by law. A denturist personally completes the entire process of making dentures or partials, from the initial exam and impressions to the final delivery and adjustment.  Because there are no “middlemen” involved in the process a denturist is able to offer his services from 30%-70% less than other providers.


Ken MacPherson received his basic dental education in the US Navy and then subsequent denturist education from Idaho State University. He was licensed as a denturist by the state of Montana in 1986. He established the Northwest Denture Center here in Missoula in 1988 and has been serving Western Montana since then.

Erick Vines recived his education from Bates Technical College in Tacoma, Washington. Erick did his internship in the State of Montana where he logged over 5000 hrs. His education continued at George Brown College where he earned his licence to practice in the State of Montana.

In 2014 Ken continues his fellowship with Erick taking over the day to day operation and services.

Contributing Staff

Rhonda Hasselfeldt - Lab Technician

Rhonda has over 18 years of experience as a replacement lab technician. Rhonda brings with her attention to detail and eagerness to share and learn since 1969. Rhonda moved to Montana in January of 2014 to be close to family and live a lifestyle more in tune with her outdoor lifestyle. In her off time Rhonda shows horses, team ropes, and rodeos.



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Some Descriptions


Dentures are an artificial replacement for no teeth.  A denture replaces all of the natural teeth either on the upper or the lower arch, or both. Dentures are made with an acrylic (“plastic”) base and either acrylic or porcelain teeth.  The teeth are selected by the denturist to meet the specific and individual requirements of each patient.


A partial denture replaces only the teeth that are missing.  There are 45,000 different combinations of missing teeth in the human mouth.  There are basically 3 types of partial dentures available, a cast metal partial, an all acrylic partial, or an acrylic flexible partial. Each patient is unique and therefore the decision about which is best is made between the denturist and the patient.


Immediate dentures are made prior to the extraction of the natural teeth and inserted immediately following the extractions.  Temporary liners and permanent relines will be necessary along the way to the final healing, which can take 6 to 9 months.


Initial dentures are made after the natural teeth have been removed, but before the final healing process has taken place.  Initial dentures will require relines as well after the final healing.


A reline is a procedure where an impression is taken and the entire INSIDE of the denture is replaced. A reline will only make the denture “fit” what you have left.  It will not make the teeth sharper or correct an existing bite that is off.